Best Tour to Experience Tenerife!

Are you ready for the ride you’ll never forget? We offer exclusive guided tours with the most powerful buggies in Tenerife! Yes, that’s right! You can now enjoy the ride & discover beautiful sceneries of the island with our Polaris buggies. What’s more, our friendly guides will make sure you take lots of amazing pictures & videos and will do their best to make your experience a lifetime memory. If you’re looking for fun or unusual things to do in Tenerife, our guided tours are the perfect answer.

So, what are you waiting for? Book a tour with us today!

About Polaris RZR

Manufactured in USA, Polaris RZR is the world leader in high-performance off-road vehicles.  Ride with confidence knowing you have industry-leading technology guiding the way. These machines have the perfect combination of power, control, and trail stability, what helps you to be safe and take control of your adventure.

With RZR, the fun never stops! Polaris has everything you need to push the limits for an adventure of a lifetime!

Engine Type: Electronic Fuel Injection / 4-Stroke DOHC 900cc 75HP

Transmission: Automatic

Suspension: FOX® 2.0 PODIUM

Electronic Power Steering: YES

Need To Know!

Driving Licence

Standard driving licence is required to be able to enjoy our buggy tours!

*Drivers under 23 years old are required to leave 250€ deposit.

Family & Kids

We absolutely welcome entire families with kids. Our tours and excursions are unusual and fun things to do and cater for everyone!

Insurance Covered

Basic vehicle insurance is included in the price.

We value our environment and expect you will treat Teide National Park with respect. It was declared UNESCO Worlds Heritage Site in 2007 and it is the largest protected nature area in the Canary islands, covering roughly 19,000 hectares. Let’s protect this area by taking your litter with you.